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motivation, inspiration and education

Powerful words and ideas from amazing people are sure to get your mind working. Motivation comes from within, but external sources of stimulation are one of the surest ways to kick your motivation into overdrive. Everyone has heard of TED Talks by now, but there are several alternatives that offer a wide variety of videos or talks that are just as good, and sometimes better.

Whether you are starting your own business, or studying online at a school like Central College Online, motivation, inspiration and education are the core tenets required to succeed.

99U Website Home Page

Best Talks For Designers, Creatives & Entrepreneurs

99U has many of the same elements that TED Talks have, and even some of the same speakers. Where TED Talks can focus on anything in the world, speakers from 99U instead focus on specific topics from a more advanced starting point. This allows the speakers to deliver a higher-level presentation.

A particularly good (but somewhat lengthy) talk would be Follow the Money from Chris Anderson. (23 minutes)


Big Think Website Home Page
Speaking Of Length…

If 23 minutes is too long for you, and it might well be for particularly busy people, then Big Think keeps most of its videos under 5 or 10 minutes. The variety of topics covered discuss health, art, science and everything in between.

Big Think is a large brand which has been active for a while and often has material from top-level talent. Tim Ferris of the 4-hour work week recently published a talk on procrastination available here.


WEF Website Home Page

And If Economics Is Your Thing

The World Economic Forum (WEF) brings together many of the top minds in politics, sociology and economics. The level of intellect displayed at these conferences and within these videos is astounding. World changing minds gather together here to debate and discuss the kind of topics that can literally change the world.

While a vast majority of their content is in an article format, some of which are of amazing quality, every now and then WEF releases videos on topics. A great one to view is The Business of 3D Printing by Zexiang Li.


X Company Website Home Page

For the Dreamers & Big Thinkers Out There

X Company has been built from the start to be a “moon-shot factory” website. For those of you who don’t know, a moon-shot is a high risk, high reward attempt. Often, this is a type of technological innovation that has the potential to change the world (aim for the moon) but is likely to be very difficult to achieve, thus making it a “long shot.”

The aim here is to bring together what X Company considers the three parts of a blueprint for a Moon-shot. A huge problem, a breakthrough technology, and a radical solution. Finding all three is not easy, but when you can get them to overlap, you can change the world.

A couple of the more popular ideas that pop up again and again (and are likely to succeed) are self-driving cars and Project Loon. Project Loon aims to release a series of balloons that can provide the internet for free to all people on Earth.


Soul Pancake Website Home Page

If You Need To Relax After All Those Big Words & Ideas

Soul Pancake. Super weird, super fun, videos with creativity, fun and humour in mind. There are of course many videos dealing in advanced areas, such as the Science of Happiness.

But there are plenty of funny and educational videos that are sure to get your creative juices flowing while helping you relax. It’s impossible to be switched on all day long, now and then you need to unwind. Make sure to try the Kitten Therapy video.



Keep your mind active, healthy and creative. The brain is a muscle like anything else and requires rigorous exercise and variety to keep it operating at peak performance. For more ways you can improve your mind, see our blog post on Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Memory.

You never know, it’s possible you could find your next “big idea” in one of these videos. And if not, then you can at least say you got some excellent exercise for your brain and helped stay mentally active. Which is incredibly important for fighting back dementia as well!

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